Finding an Internship: Infographic

Hey guys! I am back for more! This blog, I will be talking about internships and the importance of them. Hope you enjoy!

Finding an internship can be difficult, very difficult. There are only a certain amount of them to get, and those who get one are very lucky. This semester in Public Relations, we talked about the importance of finding an internship, and making sure that you get one before graduating. One thing that I have always wanted was to find an internship with the things that I am most passionate about. I have been lucky enough to do that! I think that looking and keeping an eye open for any possible internship being listed is one way to guarantee you find one! The next tip that I would have is that you seek out the Recruiter or the person in charge of hiring for the Internship, and let them know that you are applying for it and to look for your Resume! Showing that you are very committed and interested in obtaining the internship, shows to them your dedication and I believe will help you in your Internship hunt! Lastly, I say is to stay calm and focused! Believe that you are able to get anything that you put your mind to, and keep trying! If you do not get the internship you want the first time, then keep trying until you reach the highest potential!


Thanks for reading! I hope that it gives you new ideas, and helps you obtain the internship you want! Good luck on your internship hunt!

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Indianapolis 500- Come and join the fun!

Hey guys! Welcome back to emiller40blog! I am incredibly excited for this blog, and want to share with you one thing that I am so passionate about! I have a great passion about racing, and the racing industry! I hope you enjoy and maybe take an interest in this sport event!

So how many of you have been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for any type of event? Well, coming up at the end of May is the Indianapolis 500! This takes place once a year, and is definitely an awesome spectacle and experience to attend! The Indy Cars will be the ones who will  racing at this event! Here is some popular drivers that you might have heard of which include: James Hinchcliffe, Graham Rahal, Alexander Rossi, Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves, and Marco Andretti. There are many others, but these are the ones that are well-known and popular among people who are fans and are not fans.

Well, the Indianapolis 500 is coming up Sunday, May 28th 2017 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I am currently working with the College Program Interns, and will be working the event and not as a fan but behind the scenes of this great spectacle! I have never been but strongly encourage you to go and experience this! Everyone that has went has all told me how great of an event that it is, and it is definitely worth spending the money to buy the ticket(s). The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is called the “Racing Capital of the World,” and this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience to be there for this event, and even be in the vicinity! It is for kids of all ages, and they have activities for everyone also! I have never been to the 500 myself, but heard it is a great time! There are events throughout the whole month of May, which all of these come with things to do! On the day of the race though, you can experience different events other than the race such as: Snake Pit, March to the Bricks, 500 Festival Princess Parade, Winning and Historic Driver Laps, Military March, and different bands and vocalists performing. The race will start at approximately 12:19 p.m., and usually lasts around 4 or so hours! During this, you can walk around and see different things and eat the different concessions and food that is available! If you have any other questions about the event, I recommend looking at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website! I hope that you take an interest, and fit this into your schedule! Like I said earlier, it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that you and your family will never forget!

Here is a link to the website for tickets, and other information on the event!

I hope you come back for more next time! If you ever have any topics on what I should do, please feel free to comment on this or let me know! I will be glad to promote an event, or discuss my thoughts on upcoming ones!

Thank you for reading this, and enjoy the rest of your day!


How I found Public Relations

Hey guys! I am back again! I am really excited to write and tell you all about one of my favorite things and that is Communications! I am studying Communications in college right now, and concentrating on Public Relations! With this degree, you can basically do ANYTHING! So…here is my story and how I found this awesome major!

As a freshman, I was unsure of what I really wanted to do when coming to Indiana State. I started out in Textiles Apparel & Merchandising. I had been in 4-H my entire life, and thought that would be the alley that I would do well in. By taking the classes, and going through the motions and different projects with this I did not find this to be what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I then changed to another college and another major because of things going on and not really knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I changed my major and went to wanting to be a Paralegal, and shortly found out that it was not up my alley. I think that in that degree you have to set aside personal morals and follow the law, and that was not me.

When coming back to Indiana State, I found that I wanted to be in Communications! Once I started taking the classes and getting involved with it, I found that this was right up my alley. This semester I am taking an actual Public Relations class, and I absolutely love it. The things that we have gotten to do with it, have been so eye-opening and amazing. I remember coming into the class a little worried about what would go on, but excited and ready to go! This class has provided me with meeting Chris Westfall, and helped me learn how to put together a campaign for an event! I would recommend taking Public Relations classes to anyone, it is definitely the place to be!

Hope to see you next time! Just a hint…my next blog is about the Chris Westfall event!

Hillary Clinton’s Failed Political Campaign

Hey guys, I am back! This week for my blog, I am going to talk about political campaigns that have failed! For my Public Relations class, we also had the option to choose a successful campaign. But personally, I believe that failed campaigns are so much more interesting!! There have been several political campaigns to fail over the years, but one name that you might recognize for failing would be Hillary Clinton! And no….I am not going to talk about the race against President Donald Trump! She actually ran for President in 2008 against Barack Obama as well, and lost the race. With campaigning comes a large amount of money spent to broadcast your name to the people of America! Hillary ended up spending over 250 million dollars on this campaign!!! Crazy right?! While researching this topic I found that “she had $22.5 million in debt by the end of June 2008.” (Fowler, 2012) The campaign for Obama ended up spending over 5 million less! Could you imagine though, spending 250 million?!?! I would love to have that much money!

I hope that you enjoyed this! And I cannot wait until my next blog to share more thoughts with you! Hope to see you next time! Have a good week!!!


Image: Compfight; Shutterstock. TeddyandMia. April 21,2016